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Current Issue
Spring 2014




Stone Voices is now available in digital format from iTunes, Newsstand, AppZapp, OWNZONES, and similar distributors of digital content! Now everyone, no matter their format preferences, can enjoy the visual and literary arts on their laptop, tablet, phone . . . or in print.  


Art has the capacity to touch the human spirit, awaken conditions for genuine healing, and enrich people’s lives with tremendous joy.

Stone Voices explores the connections between art and spirit. Each issue art, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry about art and spirit.

Stone Voices is unlike any other publication produced today, and its readers praise its rich and relevant content as well as its magnificent presentation of art and its beautiful layout and design. 


From Our Blog

A Beautiful Surprise
March 3, 2014
Robert D. Richardson, author of Henry Thoreau: A Life of the Mind, said of Thoreau: "He always insisted that his whole life was one of extraordinary luck, and he could have said, as Picasso did of a similar life, 'I do not seek, I find.'" more


News & Events

Stone Voices Reviewer Raves
March 18, 2014
Travis Laurence Naught reviewed the winter 2013 Stone Voices for NEWPAGES.com. The review affirms that the aspirations of the publications are being met—artistic layout, deep thought writings, beautiful, compelling. Read the entire review




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